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For over 40 years, Horizon Christian School has offered a complete educational path from Preschool to 12th grade. We are a rigorous college-preparatory school which is built on a strong foundation of faith and community. We focus on differentiated learning so that each student can thrive in their areas of giftedness and advance in their academics. The academic environment is individualized and challenging, but not overly competitive.

Teachers emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and deep understanding over rote memorization, creating active and engaging learning opportunities with real-world applications. Our goal is to prepare every student in their academic and personal development for each transition that will take place over their educational journey. Nearly 90% of our graduates attend college after high school, and we also recognize and celebrate those that will be headed directly to careers, trade schools, or who pursue ministry or the mission field. 

An education at Horizon Christian includes quality instruction in the core subjects. Training and involvement in the arts, athletics, activities, spiritual formation, and community service are essential to a Horizon Christian education. We pursue excellence to glorify God and develop the gifts and talents of each student. At Horizon Christian, we truly believe Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is All! This unique calling motivates us to help raise up students who not only thrive academically but also learn to hold their heads up high because of who they are in Christ.