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Global Impact Team


Global Impact Team creates a new opportunity for individuals, organizations, and families to partner with international students to accomplish their dream of studying in the United States. The International Student Program (ISP) at Horizon Christian High School traditionally has had applicants that have been able to financially cover the cost of studying at our school. However, recently we have seen an influx in applications from students from developing nations.  The heart of the Horizon ISP is to have a diverse student population from multiple countries around the globe.  We want students to experience Jesus, a strong education, and become future global leaders.  As a result of the new opportunity we believe God is providing, Horizon ISP has created a Global Impact Team to focus on the latest influx of financial need-based applications.  The Global Impact Team is eager to partner with others in achieving the goal of providing an opportunity for all interested international students to obtain an education at Horizon Christian School.

  • Need #1: Host Families to host international students.
  • Need #2: Sponsors to give monthly towards a chosen student’s tuition and/or living expenses.
  • Need #3: A donation fund to be used for students that have financial hardship to attend Horizon Christian School.
  • Goal #1: The development of future global influencers that love Jesus, who will continue the great commission and give back to their countries and the global community.
  • Goal #2: To enhance the diversity and cultural awareness at Horizon Christian School through expanding the international program to multiple nations.
  • Goal #3: Create an opportunity for individuals, organization, and families to partner in developing global influencers.
  • Goal #4: Provide financial assistance towards tuition and/or homestay expenses for 1-2 students per year.
  • Families who will open their homes and host students for one to four years during their academic study.
  • Partners who will sponsor partial or full expenses for international students in need.
  • Donors who will join the team giving to the general fund used to support international student’s financial needs.

The Global Impact Team was created to provide an opportunity for individuals, organizations, and families to partner with international students that need financial assistance to be able to study abroad at Horizon Christian School. 

The international department at Horizon, in the past, had students coming from developed countries and families that could provide the necessary funds for them to attend Horizon Christian and live with a family while studying.  However, we are beginning to see many students from developing nations whose families are not able to financially provide the funds needed for a year at Horizon Christian School, requesting the opportunity to gain a quality education that will change their future.  

Global Influence Team members will be an integral part of reaching students for Christ and creating a more diverse student body at Horizon Christian.  The result is a community that is sensitive to other and different cultures. As well as the development of future global influencers that love Jesus, who will continue the great commission and give back to their countries and the global community.

Your partnership with Global Impact Team will allow students from developing countries an opportunity to hear the Word, witness his love personally, and discover who they are created to be.  Global Impact Team is responding to the Great Commission and reaching students that would otherwise not have the educational opportunities that Horizon Christian provides. 

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Team Positions nEEDED

How can I get involved?

Host a Student

Sponsor a Student / Donate to Global Impact Team

Select the Global Impact Team Support and choose either a one-time payment or a reoccurring payment.


All student applicants are vetted through a thorough process including needs, academics, and character.  Students must have high academic marks from their previous schools as well as three outstanding recommendations from teachers and administrators. They must complete a virtual interview with the International Director to assess their language abilities and interest in attending the school. They must also prove that attending Horizon Christian is a financial hardship for their family.  The financial aid given is used only for school tuition and the host family stipend.  Students must be able to provide their own transportation to and from their country to the United States as well as all fees applicable to the US visa process.


Name: Vincent Mgbayiaka  (Nigeria)  9th Grade
Need: Full Tuition and Homestay Assistance
Why do you want to attend Horizon Christian School? 
“I’m hoping to receive a better form of education that is being offered by Horizon Christian School and also to get a chance to be a part of the basketball team and make great impact and to improve every day.  I am hardworking and charismatic.  I adapt to new environments easily and am currently working to be a better person.”


“God moved on our hearts to open our home to an international student last year. It was so rewarding we are hosting again for a second year in a row. Our first international student became like a son to us and a brother to our children. Not only do we know that he was touched by the love of God but in addition he impacted our family in so many positive ways. We continue to communicate with him and our son is making plans to visit him in China! Welcoming an international student as an another member of your family has many challenges but the rewards far outweigh any difficulty.” – Farner Family