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ESMS Tutoring Program

Horizon Christian is thrilled to offer exceptional support programs for our elementary and middle school students! We understand the importance of providing the necessary tools for your child's success. That's why we invite you to sign up your child for our after school homework club or individualized tutoring sessions. Whether your child thrives in a supportive group environment or prefers personalized one-on-one attention, both options provide the extra time and attention they need to excel. 

Individual tutoring sessions offer a personalized touch to education by providing customized instruction to help students achieve their goals. We provide instruction and materials on-site to best meet student needs with input from classroom teachers. This service is available in 30 and 60 minute sessions. These sessions can be tailored to meet specific areas of need or provide general homework support. We recommend at least two sessions weekly to promote ideal growth. Individual tutoring support is available for all grade levels. 

$35/Session (30 minutes)

Tired of the nightly homework battle and power struggle? You’ve come to the right place. This “study hall” style club meets twice weekly with the goal of helping your student(s) finish their homework after school so you can both relax and enjoy your evenings together. Your student(s) can ask questions, receive help, and walk through assignments with Mr. Cain on anything they’re working on at school. Students bring their own materials and can receive the assistance they need while completing their assignments. 

3rd-8th Grade | Tues & Thurs | 3:00-4:15pm    

Sessions have a capacity of 20 students maximum and spaces are filled on a first come, first service basis. 

Horizon Christian Elementary and Middle School are now offering tutoring services to all students in grades K-8. We believe in building trusted relationships and helping each student learn and achieve at their personal best level. Chris Cain will oversee the program on the Sagert Campus before and after school. Mr. Cain lives in Tualatin with his wife and two sons, who attend Horizon Elementary and Horizon Community Church. They love serving as active members of the community and can be found at most Horizon events.

We believe every student is capable of doing great things and we want to be there alongside them when they achieve them. Our philosophy revolves around building personal relationships with students and helping them unlock their potential. Every child needs a champion and we would love to be just that. Our in-person approach allows us to build trust, challenge, and motivate students to truly achieve their personal best.

Mr. Cain has a Masters degree in teaching (MAT), certification for instruction of English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and ten years of classroom teaching experience. He has worked at both public and private schools at seven different grade levels and has extensive experience with foundational principles. He currently teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th grade Math and Speech classes at Horizon Christian Middle School. He previously taught fifth grade at Horizon and has always loved serving the Horizon community.

Billing takes place at the beginning of each month. Please make checks payable to Horizon Christian School.

For questions about our services please email