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Elementary Fine Arts



Horizon Christian School offers a music class to our K-5 students to teach a love and appreciation for music. Students are exposed in the early grades to an instrumental and vocal focus allowing them to play ukuleles, keyboards, recorders, various percussion instruments and much more. As the students navigate into the later elementary years, we introduce music theory teaching the students the notes on the staff as well as different note values and rhythm.


Our K-8 art program introduces all students at their age level to concepts such as principles and elements of design, color theory, drawing and painting basics, history and art criticism.  Students learn both by looking at art by others and hands-on work of their own, culminating in a school-wide art show at the end of the year.  Their experience can be enhanced by participating in the after-school art program, which offers additional opportunities to create.


In our desire to give students the opportunity to engage in Drama class prior to high school, our 7th grade students get the opportunity to be in Drama during the year. This class is taught by a trained drama teacher who has been involved in drama performances for decades and includes instruction in drama, acting and singing.



Horizon Christian School partners with CYT, a faith-based drama, acting and singing program. CYT has an amazing reputation for top-level performances in our community. CYT @School allows our students to receive high-level training in dramatic arts after school on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 4:30 on our campus. Additionally, students have the choice to join the community wide CYT program in order to audition for their larger performances.

CYT is open to students ages 7 years old through 8th grade. Our student body goes to the Sherwood Performing Arts Center for at least one play each year because each cast is often made up of many of our students.

In addition to CYT @School, you can sign up for more in-depth classes in drama, dance, voice and other theater arts with CYT after-school classes.
Tuesdays 4:45-6:45pm, at the Sagert Campus
More info and to register:



Every year we engage the elementary students in a Christmas production showcasing the skills they have learned in music throughout the year. Students have the opportunity to share their God-given talents of singing, acting and speaking while sharing the true meaning of Christmas. These performances are wonderful times that bring family and friends together to truly celebrate the season and the hard work of every student.


Our Art Showcase is a yearly highlight as our elementary and middle school gym is transformed into an art gallery to celebrate and showcase the gifts and talents of our students in the areas of drawing, sketching, painting, sculpting, and so much more.  Parents and friends are invited to come to enjoy this exclusive event.