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Sports Conditioning

Horizon Christian High School Offers Sports Conditioning

Athletic Development Coach Josh Platt uses Horizon’s unique training system to help each athlete prepare for competition, recover from injury, and achieve their fitness goals. This training system has been developed by some of the top training minds in the country. Student athletes are equipped with the tools to help them prevent injuries and maximize their performance. Athletes improve every facet of their athleticism including flexibility, core strength, power, speed, endurance, posture, and, most importantly, durability. This is achieved by understanding each individual’s muscular system and the stimulus it needs to reach optimal performance. Horizon’s training system is designed to keep athletes on the field of competition and not on the sidelines.

Horizon’s athletes have numerous opportunities to access our training facilities, including eight semesters of Athletic PE classes and customized training from 3:00 to 4:30 pm each day after school. For more information, please contact Coach Josh Platt at

  Josh Platt
  High school Athletic
  development Coach