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Together Forward Campaign

For over 40 years, Horizon Christian School has served thousands of students and families in Southwest Portland. Our faith-based comprehensive education has inspired and equipped student’s to excel at every level of learning. We are a thriving school community “Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus us All!”

Through our “Together Forward” campaign we are committed to building an educational community dedicated to helping each student on their journey of discovery and development. 

Equipping our students to excel at every level of learning with…
• Competence
• Confidence
• Character

2 Campuses + 40 Acres = Expansive Opportunities…
• New High School Building
• New Middle School Location
• New Elementary School Campus Upgrades
• New Gymnasium
• Specialized Learning Labs
• Performing/Visual Arts & Theater Spaces 

Acknowledging and supporting our talented teachers… 
• Retain talented educators with attractive, long term career path
• Advance training, skill building and support
• Attract new and high level, seasoned educators

Phone: 503-250-0306