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Parent Volunteer Program

Our Parent Volunteer Program is designed to provide volunteer support on each school campus. This helps us keep tuition increases to a minimum while continuing to provide students with a quality education. There are two options for fulfilling the Parent Volunteer Program which parents select in the enrollment/reenrollment process.  

Option #1: Volunteer To Help Support Horizon Christian School
By choosing option one, each family volunteers a minimum of 20 hours during the school year. See below for a list of volunteer opportunities. Parents have until June 1 to turn in volunteer hours. 

Option #2: Pay $200 To Help Support Horizon Christian School
This option indicates your preference to pay the $200 family volunteer fee instead of volunteering 20 hours during the school year. The fee will be added to your September incidental fees.

  • To volunteer, including driving students, each parent must be approved by Horizon Christian School at least two weeks prior to volunteering.
  • Each year, to become approved, parents must complete the New Volunteer Form (first time volunteers) or Returning Volunteer Form.
  • Please make sure your references reply to the automated email they will receive to help expedite the approval process.
  • Once you are approved, your name will appear in the HelpCounter volunteer tracking system and you can begin volunteering and logging your hours.

Families who choose Volunteer Option #1, but fail to get fully approved AND log 20 hours in HelpCounter before June 1st, will be billed on a pro-rated basis as outlined in Option #2. This amount will appear on your June FACTS statement.

For questions regarding Volunteer Forms, please contact:
Janine Louw:

If you cannot find your name in our HelpCounter volunteer tracking database, you are NOT Approved, and need to complete the Volunteer Form.

1. Visit HelpCounter
2. The first time you log in, create a User Name and Password
3. Please select Update Profile Information and check Email a Summary to receive a monthly update of your hours.
4. Select Record Hours and click Add New Hours/Review Hours Volunteered
5. Enter Volunteering Date, Total Hours, under Activity select your Campus, and under Classroom select Volunteer

When volunteering on campus, volunteers must check-in and check-out at the front office using the provided HelpCounter Computer. You can log your hours at the same time.

Events – Judi Smith,
Meet Your Teacher Luau 
Family Nights
Veterans Day 
Staff Monthly Lunches 
Car Line
Lunchroom Help
HawkEYE Security Support 
Moms in Prayer
Field Day - Teacher Specific, Heidi Eckmann, 
Art Show - Teacher Specific, Rose Walsh,

Classroom Support – Teacher Specific
Field Trip Chaperones/Drivers
Classroom Assistance - copying/collating/cutting, etc. 
Reading Group
Recess Help
Donation of Classroom Supplies 

Library Support – Heather Daley,
General Library Help Scholastic Book Fair

General Questions
Call 503-692-9312

Events – Kara Hiday,
Welcome Back Event 
7th-8th Grade Retreat 
Christmas Card Activity
8th Grade Washington D.C. 
8th Grade Breakfast 

Activities – Katie Craft,
Class Competitions 
Spirit Week Activities 
ASB Support
Holiday Activities 
Student Store

Athletics – Andy Rosen,
Coaching Support 
Transportation to Games 
Volleyball Line Judges 
General Team Support 
Field Day

Trips and Events – Teacher Specific
Field Trip Chaperones/Drivers 
6th Grade Outdoor School 
7th Grade Snowshoe Trip
7th Grade Ropes 
Course Art Show

Miscellaneous - Candace Stammers,
Summer Clean-Up 
Car Line

Library Support – Heather Daley,
General Library Help 
Scholastic Book Fair 

General Questions 503-692-9312

Year Round
Student Store Support Help – 3 people per day – Tiffany Gould 
DECA Support – 3-4 People – Nathan Murrell
Parents Encouraging Staff & Teachers (P.E.S.T) – Scott Olson 
Moms in Prayer – Scott Olson
Event & Sport Photographers - Emily Russell 
Hawk Eyes Security - Scott Olson

Fall Season: August-November
School Retreat – driver support – as many as possible – Scott Olson 
School Retreat – security team – 6-8 people – Scott Olson
Fall Facilities Clean-up – 20 people – Scott Olson
Volleyball Home Game Support – 4-6 people per home game – Craig Burgess 
Welcome Back Event – Scott Olson
Fall Drama Show – 3-4 people – Kale Kiaunis 
Homecoming Festivities – Wendy Anderson 
Hawktoberfest Celebration – Wendy Anderson 
Shukutoku Yono Visit – Timelle Rosen

Winter Season: December-February
Hawks Rising Event Support – 12 people – Scott Olson
Basketball Home Game Support – 4-6 people per home game – Craig Burgess 
12 Days of Christmas Celebration – various levels of support – Wendy Anderson 
All-Nighter – 3, 3 hour shifts with 4-6 people for each – Wendy Anderson 
Track/Baseball Facilities Clean-up – 30 people – Josh Platt

Spring Season: March-June
Spring Drama Show – 3-4 people – Kale Kiaunis
Serve Day Driver Support – as many as possible – Scott Olson 
Serve Day Volunteers – 12-20 people – Scott Olson
Formal Set-up Support – 4-6 people – Wendy Anderson 
Formal Clean-up Crew – 6-8 people – Wendy Anderson 

Contact Us
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Craig Burgess - 
Tiffany Gould - 
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