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Kindergarten - 12th Grade Admissions


Looking to do a mid-year transfer? Contact our Admissions Coordinator, Tiffany Redwing or call 503-783-6642.

Horizon Christian School is a place where all Kinder through 12th grade students are welcome. Each opportunity that exists is one that is geared toward helping students grow in their relationship with Christ and in discovering and following the gifts and abilities God has given them.  Each child is unique and one of a kind, and we are here to help them discover this as we believe we truly are a place where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is All!

Students are engaged in a rigorous college-preparatory school experience that is demanding, but not draining, and goes far beyond memorization. We focus on differentiated learning so that each student can thrive in their areas of giftedness and advance in their academics. The academic environment is individualized and challenging, but not overly competitive. Teachers emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and deep understanding over rote memorization, creating active and engaging learning opportunities with real-world applications. 

We strongly believe in the partnership of the family, church, and school in raising students to seek and honor Christ in everything they do. But at the heart of Horizon Christian are the faculty members and their unwavering commitment to your student’s success. Here you will find teachers and staff who are committed followers of Christ and dedicated to your child's spiritual and academic journey.

During this pandemic, we are digging deep, stretching our capacity for innovation and critical thinking, and continuing to ensure our students’ flourish. You will find a school that is excited to partner with you to cultivate children and young adults who display Christ-like character. Your child will find daily encouragement to connect biblical truths with everyday learning and living.

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