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Missions & Educational Trips

In March 2024, our team of 15 embarked on a transformative journey to Puerto Rico, focusing on serving the community of Ponce. On this amazing mission trip, our students dedicated themselves to constructing a new community center for the elderly that was attached to the church. This will be such a huge blessing for this community. They also worked with and supported a local school and orphanage, providing food for those in need in the Ponce community. Amidst these impactful projects, they also experienced the vibrant culture of Puerto Rico through visits to Old San Juan and its stunning beaches. This immersive experience left an indelible mark on all involved, fostering a deeper sense of compassion, connection, and gratitude as they experienced a taste of life on the mission field.


For many years, our students have been learning about the vast and varied world around them. However, we know that firsthand experience is an unparalleled teacher.  In March of 2023, we partnered with EF tours and embarked on an exciting adventure to England and Paris, offering our students the chance to see and explore some of the most iconic landmarks in the world. Over 10 days, our students had the opportunity to visit London's most famous sites, including Windsor Castle and the Tower of London, before heading to Paris to experience the magic of the Louvre Museum, the Eiffel Tower, and the Palace of Versailles, among other unforgettable destinations. Witnessing our students' enthusiasm and wonder as they discovered the places they had only read about was a joy for us all. The impact of this trip on our students, parents, and staff cannot be overstated. Exploring the history and culture of the world firsthand will stay with our students for a lifetime.