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Literary Magazine

Horizon’s student-run literary magazine seeks to showcase our high school’s writing artists and their original poetry, prose, plays, and creative non-fiction in a yearly online publication called the thread: A Literary Magazine. The magazine features original work and includes student art and photography as well. We are a multi-faceted collective of students that strive to nurture all our members by providing an opportunity to develop creative writing skills, encourage confident writers and artists, and learn about a publication's design and project management. Ultimately, our purpose is to challenge, enrich, and delight ourselves and others.

Being involved with the thread: A Literary Magazine offers an experience for emerging young writers, graphic designers, and leaders to collaborate and be a part of the making and the product. We choose to be a welcoming space for all students interested in highlighting our school community's creative gifts and talents in a yearly project meant to inspire and elevate creative literacy.

the thread: Issue No. 4 | 2024

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