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High School Grades 9th - 12th


At Horizon Christian High School, we are committed to developing each student’s unique, God-given talents and gifts. Accredited through AdvancED since 2006, our rigorous curriculum is designed to create an academically well-rounded student by encouraging critical thinking skills. Students are required to meet or exceed the state standards in the core subjects while also experiencing a diverse curriculum built on a foundation of faith. Not only will students receive quality instruction in the core subjects of math, English, social science, and science, but also courses covering Bible, economics, second language, art, marketing, ensemble, dual credit, and more. We have a one-of-a-kind, physical education and athletics program that equips students with the knowledge and experience they need for maintaining lifelong healthy practices. 

Students’ academic progress is tracked through a combination of in-class summative and formative assessments, as well as, benchmark tests including MAP (Measurement of Academic Progress) and the PSAT. Students complete MAP testing biannually in the 9th and 10th grade. The PSAT is administered to 9th through 11th grade students each fall. Juniors begin our in-house SAT prep courses utilizing their MAP and PSAT scores in preparation for our in-house SAT testing, which takes place in the spring. 

Our faith-based approach to instruction adds depth and strength to each subject and encourages students to grow in their personal convictions and beliefs. Utilizing our Christ-centered approach to education, students find strength in their enhanced understanding of the world around them. Students take four years of Bible, attend chapel each week, and address some of the most important issues facing teens today with a Christian context. 

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