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Summer Programs

At Horizon Christian Learning Center, our full-day adventures, enriched curriculum, and themed camps provide engaging learning opportunities both on and off-campus. With frequent field trips around Portland, your child will have a chance to explore and learn beyond the classroom. Our experienced teachers, spacious facility, and elective options in Spanish, American Sign Language, and Piano create a safe and nurturing environment for elementary and preschool-aged students to grow academically and personally. Join us for a memorable summer of learning, skill development, and fun!

Get ready for a splashing good time! Every Wednesday, we transform into a water wonderland with exciting water games, and we also take our water adventures to local parks with splash pads for even more fun. Don't forget your sunscreen as we dive into an unforgettable summer of water-filled excitement!

Come one; come all to the greatest show on Earth! June is going to be a roaring good time, and we aren’t lion as we trapeze our way to the circus. Don’t worry! We won't have to take a clown car to get there. In fact, the clowns are coming to us! Join us under the Big Top as we perform and experience the Greatest Show on Earth at Horizon!

Get your passports ready as we travel the globe. First, we’ll go south of the border for a fun fiesta and enjoy the colorful jungles of South America. Join us on an African safari where we will be monkeying around with the wildlife. At the end of the month, we board a cruise liner and set sail across the Atlantic to Europe.

Life can be so sweet in August! Put on your chef hat and fire up the grill for a buffet of exciting food creations. Playing with your food is allowed when it’s in the Horizon kitchen! Be an Ace of Cakes and see what Good Eats will be unwrapped as chefs learn about nutrition! Watch out for brain freeze while chillin’ out with frozen desserts!