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6th - 8th Grades

The 6th through 8th grade years are significant times of growth and transition for students physically, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. Throughout these developmental years of rapid changes, peer pressure, and increasingly challenging school work, we strive to create a nurturing, Christ-centered school environment where it is safe for students to grow and learn. 

Our classes build a foundation for future coursework and exposes students to new subjects they may wish to pursue in high school. Our curriculum utilizes project based learning and includes: 


Horizon Christian Middle School recognizes that our students are the innovators, educators, leaders and learners for the 21st century.  We know students learn best by using their natural curiosity to explore the world around them. Using a variety of modalities, we aim to provide an environment where students are able to experience “a-ha” moments that connect them with scientific concepts. 

Students love our weekly Steam Genius Fridays that offer a dedicated class time focusing on innovation. Additionally, each spring we hold a STEAM Genius Mini Maker Science Fair where students have an opportunity to showcase their ingenuity and creativity to their classmates and community.


“We love the Biblical/Christ-centered world view the boys are getting their education from.  They are learning absolute truth, an acknowledgment that God has uniquely created them with ‘smarts’, gifts and talents, and that our knowledge and abilities are to give away to those around us and around the world.  The small school setting of Horizon provides an environment where amazing teachers and staff know each child individually and give them opportunities to grow in who they are designed to be.  Our boys have literally had life-changing experiences that will, without doubt, alter their lives in a very positive way.  We are grateful to be a part of HCS.”
-HCS Middle School Parent