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Yearbook & Photography

Enjoy taking pictures and finding unique ways to view your surroundings? Talking with other people and learning their stories? Like the art of design or find wordplay fun? Capturing life through social media posts and captions? Want to gain leadership and business skills? Photography/Yearbook is a place where all of this collides to create a book that is published forever. We aim to capture student voices and experiences, believing that every person on campus matters as a part of this year’s story.

The class provides a real-world experience where business meets creativity. It harnesses student passion and seeks to increase student independence as they work to develop ideas into reality. Students gain life-skills in collaboration and problem solving, working in teams to meet deadlines and creatively reach solutions. Most excitingly, students discover what they are passionate about and strive to develop that area through experimentation. Photography/Yearbook’s ever-growing passion areas include photography, copywriting, interviewing, marketing, graphic design, editing, typography, and leadership.

The course begins with a foundational look at photography basics so that students can capture unique images in candid and posed settings. We explore the functions of DSLR cameras and compare them with the use of cell phone photography. Each student becomes comfortable with basic compositional techniques and an appreciation for professional photos. The course ends with a deeper development of these photography skills with a closer examination of portrait photography, digital editing, and more.

The ultimate goal of the course, whether through photography or journalism, is to find and share the stories surrounding us all. Photos, as well as a yearbook, are history depictions, time capsules, collections of memories and stories, and a love letter to the school. Photography/Yearbook seeks anyone who is interested and passionate in helping us capture and publish the year’s story to join our team.

At Horizon Christian, we believe in hands-on learning experiences that take our students beyond the classroom walls. That's why we offer field trips to learn different photography strategies, giving our students the opportunity to explore the world through the lens of a camera. Past trips have included the zoo and the apple store, where students have learned about different techniques for capturing stunning photographs. There are even more opportunities for new trips in the future, allowing our students to continue to broaden their photography skills and discover new perspectives.