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High School Art

Horizon Christian High School’s Art classes introduce students to many different styles and mediums of Art. HCHS has been blessed with having many talented artists, some of whom have gone on to have professional careers in art. Catlin Tran does a masterful job of learning the abilities of her students and shows them ways to express their talents through the various techniques offered. “What we learn with joy we never forget.” Mrs. Tran says, “I want Art to be fun, but also educational and above reproach.”

Each year brings new and exciting opportunities to the classes based on the abilities of the students and enhancements to the art department. We provide help with independent art studies in class in preparation for the students to submit AP art folders for those wishing to pursue a higher education or career in Art. Additionally, students are encouraged and helped enter national art contests and county fairs, as well as build a social media presence to showcase their wonderful work.

Every Spring we offer our Fine Arts Showcase that is a culmination of our students' hard work and creative expression throughout the year. Join us in May for an engaging and enjoyable event filled with refreshments, awards, and the opportunity to vote for your favorite show. Whether you're an art enthusiast or simply curious, we encourage all students, regardless of enrollment in Art class, to submit their work and be part of this inspiring event. 


At Horizon Christian High School, the Digital Arts journey starts with our computer classes.  Here, students will receive a broad overview of modern computing, as well as learn how to operate both traditional operating systems and the programs of their choice.  Some popular fields of exploration are photo editing, music production, game making, and  video editing.

After computers, students have the option to take Digital Multimedia Production. This class builds on the foundations of computers and introduces the concepts of media production and analysis. Students will learn image manipulation, audio recording and production, video production, and the production etiquette associated with all of these disciplines. Students will then engage in a final project to show their progress in one of these fields.

Aside from the classroom, students have various opportunities to build on these skills and to put what they are learning into practice by participating in either our chapel class or in our drama class with its multiple yearly productions. Most of our sound mixing, digital background production, and music production are managed by students from our computer and digital media classes. These are fabulous venues to gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom setting.