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Summer Sports Camps 2022

June 27th - July 22ND

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 10:00am

Boys & Girls 7th - 12th Grade - $300

Horizon has a very unique training system that allows each student-athlete to reach their fitness goals. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of each student and then determine the appropriate stimuli for their bodies to help them achieve the best results possible. 

In 2006, an existing pole barn was transformed into a first class fitness center. Under the guidance of Athletic Development Coach Josh Platt, student-athletes are taught limitless options for students’ physical development. Students are trained to build power, increase flexibility, increase speed, improve posture, and most importantly, create high levels of durability that keep them on the field of competition and not on the sidelines.

Please join us this summer at Hawks Conditioning Camp and seize the opportunity to experience Horizon’s unique training system on an unprecedented level! The last 13 years Horizon coaches have been hard at work developing and refining our annual summer conditioning camp. Take this summer as your chance to get an edge on the competition and take your speed, power, and durability to new heights!

Summer Sports Camp

We are incredibly excited for all of the summer camp opportunities that we will be offering to your students this year! Our High School varsity coaches and athletes are eagerly anticipating working with them! In each of our camps, your student will be preparing for the next level of competition by challenging their skills, as well as their spiritual development, and physical abilities. The following are the camps we will be offering this summer:

June 27th - July 22nd

Grades 7th - 12th

August 8th - 11th

Grades 3rd- 5th

Grades 6th - 12th

August 1st - 4th

Grades 6th - 12th
9:00AM - 11:30AM 

August 8th - 11th

Grades 7th - 12th

August 1st - 4th

Grades 6th - 12th
8:00AM -10:00AM 

Looking forward to seeing you this summer!

Josh Platt
Physical Education/Health
Camps Director

Helpful Resources

How do I register?

1. Complete the Summer Sports Camp Permission Slip.

2. Bring a check written to "Horizon Christian School" with the name of the camp(s) in the memo line your student will be attending. For elementary & middle school students, turn the check in to Debbie Roberts and, for high school, turn the check in to Tiffany Gould.