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Our Campuses May Be Closed but Our Learning Continues!

April 29, 2020
By Dan Clements

When Horizon Christian School closed its brick and mortar campuses due to COVID-19, we realized very quickly we already possessed many of the tools and know-how necessary to transfer to distance learning. As the weeks go by we continue to remain committed to providing the highest level of learning during this unprecedented season.

Through the strength of our teachers and internal systems, we have been able to maintain our same grading structure, assign school work, take tests, and interface with our students in their daily, digital classrooms. We are utilizing Google Classroom and its educational resources to serve our students. The younger grades are working their way through at-home packets and spending creative, online time with their teachers. All students, kindergarten through high school, will promote to the next grade level with earned grades and competency due to the strength of our distance learning.

We recognize there are many other excellent online educational resources available that also benefit our learners by providing diverse and unique learning experiences. Notably, interactive online resources unfold some of the most compelling educational tools for students. While allowing access to these interactive online educational resources, we are also balancing the protection of each child’s privacy and personal information. Additionally, we are taking the needed steps to secure each of the platforms we use as class interactions take place.

In regards to our seniors and their preparation for graduation, we are confident they are on track to graduate while receiving all necessary instruction, to meet or exceed, the State of Oregon graduation requirements. Seniors will be receiving a full 8-semester transcript earning them a diploma from Horizon Christian School. I am happy to say through the incredible work of our teaching staff and the partnership of students and parents, our seniors will be prepared to finish the school year strong and transfer on to college, military, trade school, or the workforce with strength and confidence in their education.

Furthermore, we have already received word from Portland Community College and Oregon Institute of Technology that Horizon Christian High School students enrolled in our dual-credit college courses will be receiving the college credit they would have earned as they continue to receive instruction through our virtual learning environments. This is a huge program for our high school students and enables students to earn up to 48 transferrable college credits when they graduate from high school.

The strength and quality of our distance learning provided to our students during these unprecedented times is a testament to our commitment and dedication to education. We know our students! We are continuing to build strong faith and community! We are bringing consistency and strength to our whole school family as we navigate to the end of the school year.

Thank you, Horizon Christian School community for putting your faith and trust in us. We are here to serve and bless your students and so appreciate the positive response and feedback from our families.


Dan Clements
Head of School

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