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Horizon Christian Stories

Horizon Christian school Stories

Meet Miss Lindsay

January 25, 2021
By Marketing Team

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce you to Catherine Lindsay, who teaches 1st grade for us. Miss Lindsay attended Horizon Christian School for seven years and graduated in 2016.  Catherine’s family moved to Oregon from Canada in the summer of 2009 and promptly enrolled all three of their children (Jeff- 11th, David- 9th, and Catherine- 6th). All three siblings graduated with us, and we now have the pleasure of another alumni student join our teaching team. Please continue reading to learn more about this wonderful new addition.

HCS: What clubs, sports or activities did you participate in at HCHS?
Miss Lindsay: I played on the volleyball team for all four years of high school. I was also part of National Honor Society and during my senior year I was co-class president.

HCS: What 2-3 things about Horizon Christian made it a great school experience for you?
Miss Lindsay: Horizon was a great school experience for me because it is a place where you are known as a student and have teachers who genuinely want to pour into your life, and help you grow socially, academically, and spiritually. It is a place where I was encouraged and felt comfortable to try new things and activities. Horizon Christian helped me grow in my leadership skills and gain experiences that I may not have had in a bigger school community.

HCS: Were there specific teachers, staff or coaches who had a positive impact on your life? If so, please share about them and the impact they made.
Miss Lindsay: There were many coaches and teachers who poured into my life while I was at Horizon; however, Gary Custis, my Bible teacher during my last two years of high school, made a huge impact on my life. Not only did he help me grow more in my faith and dive deeper in my understanding of the Bible, but he and his wife were also mentors to me as I transitioned from high school to college. In his class, he taught me how to defend my faith and was a tremendous example of a Christ follower.

HCS: How did Horizon Christian prepare you academically for life after high school?
Miss Lindsay: Horizon helped prepare me for life after high school and the academic rigor that college entails. My teachers challenged me academically and gave me valuable skills and study habits that helped me throughout my college years. Horizon also offered me dual credit classes, which not only helped save money, but gave me a head start with college credits, helping me graduate earlier. Taking Writing 121 with Carrie Carlson was the best decision I could have made during high school because she challenged me and prepared me for what professors expect in college essays.

HCS: What grade level do you teach and what attracted you to want to teach at HCS? 
Miss Lindsay: I wanted to teach at Horizon because it is a community that I had been a part of as a student and had such a positive experience with. The positive and welcoming community that Horizon exudes was something that I wanted to be a part of as a teacher. Also, having the opportunity to teach alongside some of my previous teachers has been such a wonderful transition and experience during my first year here as a teacher.

HCS: What motivates you as a teacher and what are a few of your greatest experiences so far?
Miss Lindsay: As a teacher, I am motivated by children's natural curiosity about life and their enthusiasm to learn. Watching students grow and learn new things is such a rewarding experience that I am blessed to be a part of. I love to be a part of their "ah-ha" moments when they may get a difficult concept and their face lights up with excitement and understanding. A few of my greatest experiences have come from sitting down and reading with students. But the greatest experience is getting to connect and create a relationship with my students each day.

HCS: Where did life take you after graduation and update us on your current family situation.
Miss Lindsay: After graduation, I attended Oregon State University for four years. While I was there, I graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and Human Development, and Family Sciences. I have moved back to Wilsonville where I am now closer to my family and my newborn nephew!

HCS: What are some of your hobbies and what do you like to do in your free time?
Miss Lindsay: In my free time, I love to be outdoors. Whether that is hiking, camping, skiing, or kayaking - I love to be outside admiring and enjoying God's creation. Some of my favorite places to visit are the mountains and National Parks. I also love to sit down and read a good mystery or historical fiction book or do a puzzle.

HCS: From a former student and now a teacher's perspective...Why should a family choose Horizon Christian School for their child?
Miss Lindsay: Horizon Christian is a place where students are genuinely known and cared for by teachers and staff. They are challenged academically and spiritually - preparing them for life after high school. It is a place where a student is given many opportunities to try new things and create new passions. The small community provides a safe school experience where lasting memories and friendships can be made.

We are proud of the fact that our graduates believe and support the educational ministry of Horizon Christian School so much that they are returning to us as staff and teachers. Thank you, Catherine, for the joy you bring to your co-workers and your students. We are better because of you and we look forward to having even more of our graduates return and carry on our 40-year tradition of providing a Quality Christian Education.

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Meet the High School Worship Team

December 21, 2020
By Marketing Team

Helping students discover their gifts, talents, and passions supports our calling Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is All!  Our newly formed High School Worship Team is one such area where students are discovering and learning their innate talent and aptitude. Whether it is one the stage or behind-the-scenes, they are stretching themselves in leading worship for our school and at events. Continue reading to learn more about the director of this program, Timelle Rosen, and the students that are involved in this important ministry.

HCS: Please tell us a little about you, your history and what has prepared you to take on this role?
Mrs. Rosen: The Lord gifted me with the heart for worship at a very young age. I would sit and listen to my mom lead worship as a young child. Throughout my teen years I was on youth worship teams. During the ten years my husband and I were full time youth pastors, I led many youth worship teams, helping students find and grow their gifts. Worshiping God through music is like oxygen to my soul!

HCS: What was your purpose and vision for this group?
Mrs. Rosen: It is really God's purpose, and I am so amazed to be able to help students find the "wonder of worship" this year. I love seeing the students grow in their relationships with God and in the talents he has given them. The vision God has given me is to see the students begin to find that sense of wonder and awe for Jesus through our time together.

HCS: Tell us how the worship team came together and what opportunities you provide for students?
Mrs. Rosen: The worship team is part of the Chapel Class. This year with most classes online, the Chapel Class as moved into creating worship nights, and times for families and students to find that "wonder of worship". Within Chapel Class, students can learn to play and sing, as well as learn how to run the behind-the-scenes jobs of tech, lighting, and lyrics.

HCS: Who are all the students on your team and what roles do they have?
Mrs. Rosen: The students that our part of the worship team are Sara Ma- Lighting/Lyrics; Marcus Carpenter- Tech/Lighting/Lyrics; Derek Smith-Tech/Lighting/Lyrics; Carter Cochran- Tech/Lighting/Lyrics; Hannah Eldridge- Piano; Jade Campean- Piano/Vocals; Nathan Dillree- Guitar/Tech; Bailee Olson-Guitar/Piano; Carter Eldridge- Bass/Drums; Kaleb Campean- Bass/Drums/Guitar/Vocals; Alyssa Smith- Vocals; Julia Cloud- Vocals; Hayes Johnson- Vocals; Debbie Cotoc- Vocals; Ali Seger- Vocals; Tayte Nelson- Vocals.

HCS: What are some of the challenges you have faced and how have you come together to overcome them?
Mrs. Rosen: With classes online, there is very little in person practice time. We have implemented a new program online that allows each student to hear other parts and play and sing along while practicing at home. We also have separate band and vocal practices to help each group learn their parts before coming together to practice.

HCS: In what ways have you seen your students grow and mature in the Lord through the worship team experience?
Mrs. Rosen: I am pushing students this year to step out of their comfort areas. Students are playing new instruments and vocally leading songs. The students are really stepping up and learning new things with great attitudes! I love seeing students realize God has given them the talents they possess and the faith that arises in students as we complete these worship sets and programs. They are starting to understand the "wonder of worship".

HCS: You have had a few special events, please tell us about them?
Mrs. Rosen: We had our Fall Worship Night as well as our Fine Arts Christmas Show. Both allowed our worship team a time to really use the talents God has bestowed upon them. The Fall Worship Night allowed our students to run a full night of worship and testimony on their own. The Fine Arts Christmas Show was a compellation of the Drama Team, Photography Class, Art Classes, and the Worship Team. It was a fun night full of laughter and the Christmas Spirit. Both events were amazing and the worship team did such a great job!

HCS: What have been some of your most memorable experiences so far?
Mrs. Rosen: I believe my favorite memory was watching a student step out and give her testimony. She was extremely nervous but did such an amazing job! It was so touching to see how God built her faith as she was obedient to what he had asked of her.

HCS: If a student was interested in joining the worship team, what background or experience do you need?

Mrs. Rosen: None! We would love to have any student who is interested join the worship team. We are a class to train up students and believe if a student has the heart to serve, they are welcome to join. We are planning on several more worship nights in the winter and spring, and we would love to have you join us. We have a ton of fun while playing and singing together!

Meet the Sumner's

December 04, 2020
By Marketing Team

Horizon Christian School exists to glorify God through excellence in education, faith, and community. Our school’s mission could not be achieved without our “community” of supportive, passionate, and committed families. The Sumner family is just one such example. Read along to learn more about this family and their oldest child, Alexis, who is a sophomore and their youngest child Grant, who is in seventh grade.

How did you first hear about Horizon Christian School and what sparked your interest?
We first heard about Horizon Christian School back in 2009 when we were looking for a Christian kindergarten for our daughter to attend. A friend whose daughter had previously attended made the recommendation. Knowing Horizon Christian was a faith-based school stirred our interest as we wanted our children to be surrounded by Christian values and beliefs daily. We just knew after touring the campus and meeting the staff that it was the right fit for our family.

What were the top things you were looking for in a private Christian school?
When looking for private Christian schools our must-haves included small class sizes for more individualized instruction, students being able to have personal relationships with the teaching staff, teachers who love the Lord, the feeling of safety, above average academics, and the belief that every child is unique.

What does your son Grant like best about Horizon Christian Middle School?
Our son, Grant, loves his teachers and has taken tremendous pride in his academics. He feels like all of his teachers are always available and willing to help. He also has a sense of comfort knowing his classmates. He met his best friends in kindergarten.

What did Alexis like best about being a middle schooler at HCS?
Our daughter, Alexis, loved middle school. She played on three league championship volleyball teams, was active in Associate Student Body, and did the yearbook in 8th grade. Outdoor school and the Washington DC trip were her all-time favorite activities in middle school. Alexis still has relationships with the middle school teachers.

How is Alexis doing at Horizon Christian High School?
Now that she is has moved on to high school, she just continues to love it. She feels at home. Everyone knows everyone and what grade you are in does not matter. Alexis has opportunities to play varsity volleyball, participate in choir, and be active in the student government. She loves the all-nighter and color wars. There are many fun activities for the students to participate in.

How has Horizon Christian School lived up to your expectations?
HCS has surpassed our expectations which is why both of our children started in kindergarten and will graduate from Horizon Christian High School. We feel like the staff truly love our children and want what is best for them. Our children are flourishing academically and emotionally here. Horizon Christian has helped shape my children into the amazing young individuals that they are today. Our children are receiving a good education from a school they love. They feel welcome, heard, safe, and are in a loving Christian environment. Everyone is accepted for who they are. We could not ask for anything more.

What advice would you give families who are considering Horizon Christian School? 
We would tell families if they are looking for a small, family-oriented, faith-based school that HCS is the place to be. Our children have thrived academically, socially, emotionally, and personally here. If we were to do it all over again, we would make the same decision by enrolling our children.

Thank you, Sumner Family, for sharing your Horizon Hawk journey with us. We are so thankful for our active and involved families who make Horizon Christian School home.

If you are looking for a “new school home”, call to schedule a visit and see for yourself.
Horizon Christian School

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Meet Mr. Platt

November 09, 2020
By Marketing Team

We opened our high school in the fall of 2006 with around seventy five students in 9th through 11th grade and now we are heading into our 15th year. Among our very first students in 2006 was sophomore, Josh Platt who transferred to us from Southridge High School. Josh graduated in 2009 as our Salutatorian, member of NHS, Scholar Graduate, and having earned our Timothian Award, representing his Christ-like character. Keep reading below to learn more about our first alumni who returned to Horizon Christian School as a valued teacher, coach, and trainer in 2014 and continues to be a very impactful school leader.

HCS: What clubs, sports or activities did you participate in at HCHS?
Mr. Platt: Football (2007-08), Track and Field (2007-09), Varsity Basketball (2006-2009), Cross Country (2008-09), ASB Vice President, and National Honor Society President to name a few. I was also lucky enough to be on the State Basketball team in 2008 and 2009 where we took 2nd place both years.

HCS: What 2-3 things about Horizon Christian made it a great school experience for you?
Mr. Platt: The two things that made Horizon a great experience for me were the opportunities I had to experience a variety of activities and develop my leadership skills, and the family atmosphere. Horizon cultivated an atmosphere where I felt like I belonged to a community that cared about me and my relationship with God.

HCS: Were there specific teachers, staff or coaches who had a positive impact on your life? If so, please share about them and the impact they made.
Mr. Platt: All three of my coaches had a tremendous positive influence on my life. Scott Olson, George Crace, and Dave Brown. These three men taught me about their respective sports and helped me to be the best competitor that I could be, but they also poured into my life as a Christ-follower. They modeled what it means to be an imperfect person walking in relationship with a perfect God.

HCS: What attracted you to want to teach at HCS and what motivates you as a teacher? 
Mr. Platt: This is the start of my 7th year teaching Health and PE for Horizon Christian High School. I felt a calling from God to join the school community. The family atmosphere and Christian environment provides the perfect opportunity to develop authentic relationships and have a lasting positive impact on students' lives. What motivates me as a teacher is the transformation and growth of my students as I watch them progress and achieve their goals. My greatest experiences have always involved guiding students to their full athletic potential.

HCS: How are you involved in coaching at Horizon Christian?
Mr. Platt: In the past I served as the head junior varsity boys basketball coach for 2 years and I currently serve as the head track & field coach. My philosophy of coaching is all about the growth of each athlete over the course of a season. Not only do I want our student athletes to improve in their athletic performance, but I want to see them grow mentally, socially, and spiritually as well. Track and field offer students that platform. We spend time as a team every week emphasizing spiritual formation and looking at how our relationship with God impacts our relationship with our sport.

HCS: Explain your role as Athletic Development Coach.
Mr. Platt: Using our unique training system that has been developed by some top minds in this field, students are prepared with tools to prevent injuries, build core strength, stretch their endurance, and be prepared for competition and equipped with the skills needed to maximize their athletics potential. I teach this not only in the 8 semesters of Athletic Training but also by customized training after school.

HCS: Where did life take you after graduation?
Mr. Platt: After graduating from Horizon, I attended both George Fox University and Portland State, graduating with a degree in Health Studies. After beginning my teaching career at Horizon Elementary & Middle School, I returned to George Fox in their MAT program and graduated with my Master's in Teaching in 2017 with concentrations in PE & Health. I am now married to the love of my life, Anna Platt, and we currently live in Salem, Oregon. We enjoy outdoor activities, especially hiking, as well as spending time with family and friends.

HCS: From a former student and now a teacher's perspective, why should a family choose Horizon Christian School for their child?
Mr. Platt: You should choose Horizon because we care about the development of your student. Horizon strives to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to connect with our community, prepare them academically, and challenge them spiritually.

Thank you, Josh Platt, for sharing with us your journey from being a student to becoming a staff member.

If you are interested in exploring what your journey might look like, please contact us to become a part of this amazing school community.

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The Dockter Family

October 20, 2020
By Marketing Team

For over 40 years, Horizon Christian School has been serving families in SW Portland with a dynamic, Faith based educational experience. The Dockter family have two wonderful young ladies who began as Kindergarteners at Horizon Christian. Their oldest is a high school freshman this year, and the younger a middle schooler.

Enjoy this brief Q&A with the Dockters and why Horizon Christian School is a place; “Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is All.”

An interview with the Dockter Family:

HCS: How and when did you first hear about Horizon Christian School?
Dockters: We have attended Horizon Community Church for many years. That is how we heard about the school.

HCS: What were the top things you were looking for in a private Christian school and what 2-3 things made us stand out?
Dockters: When looking at schools for our two daughters, we were drawn to Horizon based on the school's strong emphasis on faith and family. We could tell immediately that Horizon was a good balance of both academics and character development. Both are so important to our family, and so we thought the school might be a good fit.

HCS: What were the top 3 to 5 things you were looking for in a private Christian school?
Dockters: We were looking for strong academics, small class sizes, and a good integration of faith and values.

HCS: What 2-3 things made Horizon Christian attractive to you?
Dockters: Walking on to the campus, we could feel the warmth and the "family" feel of the school. I noticed that the principal knew every student by name that she came in touch with. We also liked the 7 Smarts philosophy.


HCS: How has Horizon Christian School lived up to your expectations?
Dockters: We could not be happier with our experience at Horizon. Our daughters have been challenged academically, spiritually, and socially. Communication between the school and the families is informative and keeps everyone on the same page.

HCS: What do your children like best about Horizon Christian School? 
Dockters: Our daughters love the feeling of close community that they experience at Horizon. Both have stated that it feels like a family, not just school. They both have teachers that they have connected with in a special way, that have spoken encouragement and affirmation into their lives during critical developmental times.

HCS: What do you like best or what brings the greatest value to you from Horizon Christian School?
Dockters: I love that character development is such an emphasis throughout the school. The banner themes each month reflect strong values and I appreciate this emphasis as much as I do the academic emphasis.

HCS: What advice would you give families who are considering Horizon Christian School?
Dockters: Set up a meeting with the principal and do a tour. Ask the questions that are important to your family values and see how they match up. Have your child shadow for a day and hear what they have to say. I think by doing all the above, you will be drawn to Horizon just like our family has been.

A BIG Thank You to the Dockter family for sharing some of their Horizon Christian story. Please contact us to schedule a tour. We would love to help you write your own chapter in our Horizon Christian story.

May God bless and guide you as you choose the school where your student will flourish.
Wishing you the best!
Horizon Christian School

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