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Horizon Christian Stories

Horizon Christian school Stories

A Christmas Miracle

December 20, 2021
By Marketing Team

Through the love and kindness of friends and strangers, our own drama teacher, Ms. Shaner was the recipient of a Christmas Miracle! Keep reading the news release below to hear how 96.3 WayFM & Horizon Christian School surprised her with a new car! 

Tualatin, OR— December 17th, 2021 — 96.3 WayFM and Horizon Christian School surprised Middle School Drama Teacher, Ms. Sandy Shaner, with a car, over $3,000 in listener-raised donations, and other gifts! 

After a scheduled fire-drill, Elementary & Middle-School Principal, Judi Smith, announced that a special surprise was about to happen and that the school had partnered with 96.3 WayFM to gift a teacher with a car and donations. 96.3 WayFM Promotions Director, Dustin Donnor, then asked Ms. Shaner to please come forward to accept a 2006 Toyota Camry and a check. At this point, all in attendance were in tears and cheering for Ms. Shaner. 

“When we became aware of Ms. Shaner’s need for a reliable vehicle to get to her multiple jobs, provide for her son as a single-mom, and visit her sister dying of cancer who is not expected to make it to Christmas,” said Mr. Donnor, “we were inspired to partner with Horizon and get her story out to our listeners. We knew our listeners would be eager to join us in creating this surprise for her. The response from our audience was humbling as listeners from 20 states donated to the project.” 

Ms. Shaner was not aware of the surprise and was greatly moved at the generosity and love our of the donors. In-between tears of joy, Ms. Shaner praised God, thanked everyone for their love and support and said this was the second-happiest moment of her life, following closely behind the late-in-life miracle birth of her son. 


What a beautiful Christmas miracle this is for our beloved teacher, Ms. Shaner. Thank you to 96.3 WayFM, all your wonderful listeners, and the Horizon Christian School Community for blessing one of our own! 


The Love of a Teacher

November 03, 2021
By Marketing Team

Students are loved and valued at Horizon Christian School. Today we received the comments below from one of our families and we wanted to share the incredible experience they had with their son’s kindergarten teacher, Ms. Wedin.

“Deacon, along with three fellow Horizon Christian School Kindergarteners, plays Tualatin Rec soccer. Ms. Wedin always asks about their games, which really means a lot to the boys. This past Saturday, I last-minute emailed her the time/location of their game. It was a long shot, but she had mentioned multiple times to let her know.

It was the sweetest surprise to see her walk up on Saturday to their game. It was so remarkably kind of her to spend her precious time off at a Kindergarten soccer game for well over an hour. Their smiles were contagious, and their squeals of surprise will fill my heart for years to come. 

It’s hard to put into words how much her presence meant to our entire family. She’s a role model to our daughter, Hannah. She’s a friend to both me and Rian. But most importantly, she is a hero to Deacon. Thank you for hiring such quality individuals to teach our children. The positive impact she is making on my son’s life has been a huge blessing from the Lord.”

We so appreciate our wonderful teachers and staff who go above and beyond to love and support our Horizon Christian School community. Thank you, Ms. Wedin for leading the way and making a huge impact in the lives of your students. Thank you to the Schlyper family for sharing this wonderful story with us. 

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Amanda Webster - Meet Our Teachers

October 06, 2021
By Marketing Team

Activities and events are hopping at Horizon Christian High School! Much of this is due to our new Activities Director and ASB Leader, Amanda Webster. She had a busy start with putting together the “best spirit week ever”, which led up to an amazing Homecoming for students, staff, and families. Keep reading to get to know her a little more and her passion for students. 

HCS: How long have you been teaching? 
Mrs. Webster: I've been teaching for about a month now. This is my first-year teaching and while I never sought out teaching as a career, I knew early on that I am passionate about walking along side kids as they grow up and teaching them how to be leaders.

HCS: What are you teaching or leading at Horizon Christian?
Mrs. Webster: I am the Activities Director. I also work with juniors and seniors in ASB to spearhead all the activities and events that we will do this year. I teach study hall with students from all grade levels, and I teach our freshmen CORE class.

HCS: What excites you about teaching and what do you, or what will you enjoy most about teaching?
Mrs. Webster: One of the greatest joys and privileges of this life is getting to do a job you love. Every day I get to hang out with teenagers. I get to see who they are and who they can become, speak in their lives, and remind them of the ways they are seen and known and loved when they forget. I'm reminded over and over again that even when the world makes everyone grow up a little faster... teenagers are still kids.

HCS: How is it going so far working as our Activity Director and with ASB?
Mrs. Webster: I love coming up with activities that remind the students that they are still kids and help keep the reality about becoming an adult at bay a little longer. It's also rewarding to see how kids step into leadership when you equip them and walk alongside them. I'm so excited to see the ways that ASB students are already beginning to take ownership of events, and how this will get better and better as the year goes on.

HCS: What were you doing before coming to Horizon Christian? 
Mrs. Webster: Before this, I was managing a coffee shop and it was a job I was totally in love with. My whole team was filled with high school and college-aged students, and I knew then that I was most passionate about walking alongside students and young adults as they grew up. We ended up closing our doors for good when COVID happened, and I begged the Lord to give me another job that I could love as much as I loved the coffee shop. And that's when I saw a post for a job at Horizon Christian High School that was all my dreams in one... Activities Director.

HCS: What attracted you to Horizon Christian School and what are you looking forward to? 
Mrs. Webster: I get to talk about Jesus, I get to hang out with high school kids, and I get to create memories!! The more I learn about Horizon, the more I am compelled by the culture and what they are offering to students. In a world that can feel pretty heavy at times, I'm hopeful to create a safe space, a fun space, and a lighthearted space where kids can be kids and that Covid won't be the thing that defines their year.

HCS: Tell us a little about your family; where were you born and brought up, and what you like to do during your free time? 
Mrs. Webster: I was born in Southern California and lived there most of my life. I've been in Oregon for nearly 8 years now. Both my parents still live in California and my older sister lives in Connecticut! I just got married a few weeks ago and started this job earlier in the summer, so a lot of my free time right now is spent getting settled. I love coffee dates, spending time with friends, and watching Downton Abbey with my husband. 

We are super excited and grateful that Amanda’s “dream job” is working as our Activities Director. She may blend in with the students, (wait until you meet her), but she stands out as confident, creative, passionate for students, and a very intelligent leader. We are so blessed to have her with us.

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D'on Edwards - Featured Alumni

July 12, 2021
By Marketing Team

D’on Lauren Edwards is currently studying Fashion Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. D’on is a graduate of Horizon Christian School in 2018 and attended Horizon for six years. While at HCS she was the president of National Honor’s Society as well as being class president for her freshman year. While enrolled at Horizon, she was a part of the Portland Ballet Pre-Professional Company for 5 years, where she performed the leading role of the Snow Queen as well as the Arabian Princess in the Nutcracker.

D’on has recently been awarded the Gucci North America Changemakers and Council of Fashion Designers of North America (CFDA) Scholars by Design Award. This award comes with a $20,000 scholarship to attend the Gucci Summer Scholars Program. We are so proud of D’on and her accomplishments in the design industry. Read more to hear about how Horizon Christian School impacted her life and prepared her to pursue this career path. 

HCS: What things about Horizon Christian School made it a great school experience for you?
D’on: I loved all the teachers I had who were caring but made the material easy and exciting to learn. I just enjoyed how the horizon faculty and staff were all caring, very nice and always gave examples of Christ-like behavior.

HCS: What was a favorite event from your time at Horizon?
D’on: I loved Senior Spring Formal or Junior Year Color Wars when our class won!

HCS: What class or classes did you like the most and why?
D’on: I enjoyed Statistics with Mr. Espinoza and Writing 121 with Mrs. Carlson. I enjoyed their classes, the energy that they had during class, and they were both extremely helpful with class work, assignments and tests that I needed help on.

HCS: Were there specific teachers, staff or coaches who had a positive impact on your life? 
D’on: Karolyn Steele and Mrs. Carlson. What I have learned from both is to always strive for the best and any goals or dreams that I may have that may seem impossible, but I am able to reach them by doing the hard work to get there.

HCS: How did Horizon Christian prepare you for life after high school?
D’on: HCHS prepared me to learn how to develop and have a strong relationship with God and to prepare myself for the workload and expectations to meet when I went off to college

HCS: What did you like best about Horizon Christian? 
D’on: I enjoyed that Christ was the structure and foundation of everything we did at HCHS and the community, faculty and staff were all welcoming, caring and truly cared to see every student succeed in school and in life.

HCS: What advice would you give to other students who are considering HCS? 
D’on: HCS is a very welcoming school with kind and supportive students and staff. Be prepared for the workload, especially if you are taking the honors route. But all the work and time management skills you develop prepares you for college.

It was a pleasure having D’on at Horizon and we are both in awe and inspired by her artistic accomplishments. We are excited about the influence and impact she will be having in this industry for many years to come. Our Horizon Christian School community is so incredibly proud of her!

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Track Team Achievements

June 15, 2021
By Marketing Team

What an incredible track and field season it has been at our high school! 

Our girls team hit it out of the park this year by scoring 143 points at the District Meet, beating all the other teams by 53 points. What an impressive win! The girls finished 6th at the State Meet, which is the highest finish by a Horizon Girls team ever. 

Cassie Wedin got 3rd in the Triple Jump and 8th in Long Jump. Ana Rose got 6th in Triple Jump. Alyssa Smith got 8th in the 100m Hurdles and 7th in the 300m Hurdles. Isabella Silbernagel got 4th place in the 100m Hurdles with a new school record of 17.28. Kenzy Rosen got 4th in Long Jump, 3rd in the 800 meters, and 2nd in the 400 meters, where she also earned a new school record with a time of 1:01.02.  

Our boys finished 6th at the District Meet where Micah Clements won the 110m Hurdles and got 2nd in the 300m hurdles at Districts and then got 7th in the 110m hurdles at State. Way to go boys and congratulations, Micah! 

The students are coached by some amazing people who love the sport and love to help students succeed. Josh Platt is head coach as well as the distance coach, Scott Olson is the jumping coach, Tucker Olson is the sprints and relays coach, Will Shelby is the javelin coach, and Abriana Wedin is the discus and shot put coach.

With nearly 35 students on our track and field teams, students have discovered a place where they are not only challenged and pushed to achieve their personal record (PR), but to also support each other both on and off the field. The kids have a blast in a very supportive community of students, coaches, and parents all encouraging and rooting for them along the way.  It is definitely a place "Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is All" and where students are continually discovering how much they matter to each other and how they are loved by the Lord. 

We are so proud of our track and field competitors and their awesome accomplishments this year. Go Hawks!


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