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Our Mission, Vision & Values


Horizon Christian School exists to glorify God through excellence in Education, Faith and Community.

A place Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is All!


To provide a dynamic educational environment where each student is encouraged to explore God’s purposes for their life, and to equip them to meet the challenges and opportunities they will encounter at every level of learning.

We are committed to fulfilling our mission, by strategically focusing on three key areas:

HEART (Spiritual Health)
The life and teachings of Jesus Christ is the bedrock of our educational experiences. A biblical world view informs how we build relationships, community and how we pursue academics, athletics, arts, activities and spiritual growth.

HEAD (Intellectual Prowess)
Academic excellence is a byproduct of healthy relationships between student and teacher and relevant curriculum. We equip students for college and careers by employing the appropriate rigor that encourages discipline and inspires achievement.

HANDS (Compassionate Lifestyle)
Serving is an outward expression of a heart of compassion and respect for people. Our students will be actively engaged in a variety of service opportunities where their time, gifts and talents will be used to serve people in our communities and around the world.


Horizon Christian School is a place Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is All! Our core values are essential to helping guide, guard and grow our relationships and strengthen our community. We refer to our core values as our... “HAWKS 7.”

We value Jesus by worshipping Him as Lord and Savior, keeping Him at the center of our lives and school. (John 3:16-17)

We value people because Jesus’ life, teachings, and sacrifice show how He loves and values each person. (John 18:11)

We value authenticity because there is strength in acknowledging we are each a work in process. (Philippians 3:1-21)

We value balance because understanding God’s Word and God’s Spirit provide us with wisdom and power. (2 Timothy 3:16)

We value generosity because God’s love is the greatest example and demonstration of the generous heart we are to have.  (2 Corinthians 9:6)

We value serving because it provides opportunities for us to demonstrate God’s love by doing good deeds for others. (Matthew 25:31-40)

We value home because cultivating a compassionate community allows people to see and sense the love of God. (Luke 15:11-31)